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girls who pretend to act stupid because they think it’s cute need to be slapped in the face with a brick

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“After this I go to work at a pizza shop. My wife and I were college professors in Bangladesh. I taught accounting. But one dollar in America becomes eighty dollars when we send it back home.”

People forget, when immigrants come to this country they start from scratch. They could have been lawyers in their home country, but in the means nothing. You think a HS diploma from Bangladesh means anything in this country? My mom was a top student in the country, went to all the best school and got the best of everything…but when she got here it meant squat and she was cleaning other people’s homes and scrubbing their toilets. This is why I get pissed of when people talk smack about immigrants. They at least are doing something…..heading for a goal..making sacrifices…what are you doing with your life? 

^ My parents were college-educated teachers in their home country and came to the U.S. with nothing but empty pockets, a dash of hope, and a belief in God. They also scrubbed toilets in people’s homes to make enough to provide for their children, and that’s probably not something a lot of educated professionals would be able to do. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. Pride would get in the way.


Shoutout to my parents

and you know, shout out to our im/migrant parents who were not college educated before they came to the U.S and don’t share a narrative of going from “riches to rags.” shout out to my im/migrant parents who were laborers at home and are still laborers here.
i think it’s important to honor the complexities of our parents histories and uplift their triumphs but let’s remember to do so in a way that honors all of the ways im/migrants exist and all of the places we and our parents come from. we don’t have to prove that capitalism, white supremacy, classism, etc is awful because our parents were once revered college professors or doctors. we don’t have to believe in that assimilation. 

Two of my aunts were pharmacists in Bangladesh, one of my aunts is now deceased and the other works at a daycare because she was turned down by every pharmacy she applied to for being “under qualified”. My uncle was a doctor in Bangladesh, now he works at a Home Depot. My other uncle worked a high paying office job in Bangladesh, he now works at a gas station.This post really hit home for me. Also, shoutout to my incredible father for coming to this country in his early 20’s with only a high school education and not a penny to his name. Now he is the manager of an entire Home Depot and he is able to provide everything for my family and I and more.

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Sworn In // Hypocrisy
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